Sonia Cuevas


Meet the Masters
The presence of women in the musical industry workshop with Sonia Cuevas
Factoría Cultural de Avilés, dependent of La Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Avilés, España
15 June 2021

Wom@rts partner La Factoría Cultural de Avilés, a dependent organization of La Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Avilés (Spain), hosted a master on hiphop and the presence of women in the music industry master with Sonia Cuevas. She co-funded her own independent record label called “Zona Bruta” (Thug Zone) specialized in hiphop. Sonia Cuevas has been working in the music industry for more than 27 years. During the master class, she introduced the audience to the origins of the hiphop music, explained her first experiences in the industry in the U.S., and emphasized the need of female referents working with this music genre


Sonia Cuevas uses her record label to promote the professional careers of several artists who nowadays are renowned in the Hip Hip national Culture. She has also developed artistic projects such us, specialized Festivals, Musical Theatre, workshops and cultural management. Currently, her label is licensed by Warner Music Spain, one of the most relevant label records internationally speaking. 

Sonia Cuevas