Wom@rts Exposición (Exhibition)


The exhibition was organized by Anabel Barrio, the director of La Factoría Cultural de Avilés, and the artist (who also participated in the project) María Castellanos. It took place from 12 May to 20 June 2021 at CMAE and Casa de Cultura de Avilés.
The exhibition was recognized and well welcomed in the city. Natalia Alonso Arduengo, a Spaniard art critic wrote: “Women artists are willing to be the authors of our own tale: Stop being the second sex in the artistic world, develope our work under the equality and oportunities principales as well as to have a free access to the discipline we decide to work on, so we do not feel as Brandt related. Without obstacles, and no prejudices. The creators working around the Wom@rts project are the example of European cultural diversity” (Natalia Alosno Arduengo, artistic critic).