Hay Festival Europa28


Hay Festival Europa28 presents 28 women writers – one from each EU country – sharing their visions for the future over three days in Rijeka, 5-9 October 2020. Blending award-winning writers, scientists, performers and artists, participants include novelists Leïla Slimani (France) and Janne Teller (Denmark), travel writer Kapka Kassabova (Bulgaria), poet Asja Bakic (Croatia), actress Lisa Dwan (Ireland), and sociologist Renata Salecl (Slovenia). Each will showcase their work in readings, workshops, performances and debates throughout the city, while an anthology of their work, Hay Festival Europa28: Visions for the Future, will be launched.

Hay Festival Europa28: Writing by women on the future of Europe

A being from another time and planet visits Earth, and takes human form for one year, as a European… A young woman’s tyrannical father has arranged her marriage to an influential suitor, but a mythical bull from her dreams comes to her rescue… A group of students in Tallinn’s Freedom Square imagine where the rise in right-wing fascism may have taken Europe by 2050…

Bringing together 28 acclaimed women writers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs – one from each EU country – this powerful and timely anthology from Hay Festival looks at an ever-changing Europe from a variety of different perspectives and offers hope and insight into how it might evolve. Participants include Asja Bakić, Zsófia Bán, Annelies Beck, Silvia Bencivelli, Hilary Cottam, Lisa Dwan, Yvonne Hofstetter, Nora Ikstena, Maarja Kangro, Kapka Kassabova, Sofia Kouvelaki, Carine Krecké, Caroline Muscat, Nora Nadjarian, Ioana Nicolaie, Bronka Nowicka, Tereza Nvotová, Ana Pessoa, Edurne Portela, Julya Rabinowich, Karolina Ramqvist, Apolena Rychlíková, Renata Salecl, Leïla Slimani, Janne Teller, Saara Turunen, Žydrūnė Vitaitė and Gloria Wekker.

The book will be available 19 March in the UK (Comma Press), Croatia (Fraktura) and Spain (Galaxia Gutenberg). Pre-order it at hayfestival.org/europa28 today.