Factoría Cultural as part of Fundación Municipal de Cultura-Avilés


The Foundation is responsible for the cultural policy, management of the artistic heritage, implementation and promotion of all types of cultural activitiy and initiatives in the city.  It manages cultural infrastructure and artistic educational programmes for the local community, such as “Factoría Cultural” (a fully equipped centre with workshops for artists and creators), School of Ceramics, School of Arts, Theatres, Concert Halls, Exhibition Halls, or local Museums.


As far as the creative industries and artists are concerned, it has to be highlighted that from its Factoría Cultural the Foundation organizes yearly multidisciplinary residences in the framework of the White/Black nights, as well as cooperation with international networks, platforms and projects.


Avilés city also hosts a wide number of festivals and infrastructure such as the Niemeyer Centre (a multidisciplinary cultural centre and an iconic building designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer), Celsius 232 (Spain’s main SF & Fantasy festival) or Avilés Comics Festival, among others.