Training Courses


Being an artist used to mean not making money (the “starving artist”). People are choosing art as their life’s passion without learning how to make a business of it to support themselves and their families. In addition, many artists not only do not have practical business skills, but also lack even basic organizational skills.
Our proposal is totally different, new, innovative and complementary, in the sense that we are proposing the creation of an ad hoc training of short-term duration and a coaching methodology with a bottom-up approach, based on the needs of the creators themselves, not the cultural managers.


For such purpose, Wom@rts plans to create guidelines for trainers and test them on the 2 following aspects (training courses):


  • Training course 1: Self-employment and Creation of micro-company Challenges (motivation on entrepreneurship, basic administrative skills and knowledge of the market and existing tools and resources, such as crowdfunding platforms).
  • Training course 2: Internationalization & Marketing yourself, especially through an adequate use of ICTs, social networks or the Wom@rts platform.

Following a year of preparation (2019), the training courses will be hosted and tested simultaneously in 2020 through workshops to take place in 8 partner areas, with groups of around 20 young female artists from different subsectors of the creative industries (at least 160 artists to be trained). Afterwards, the partners will monitor and follow-up the impact of the courses on the participants, in order to assess their result with the target groups and identify any way to improve them for future implementation.