Wom@rts Network


In its last year, the Wom@rts project continued to foster initiatives for equal opportunities for women in the European cultural arena. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, it launched the WOMarts.net portal, a platform that seeked to serve as a meeting point for creators from different disciplines, making their work visible and stimulating contacts with other artists and cultural agents.


WOMarts.net involves creators in developing an online community of arts professionals, a place to share projects, find and connect with other European artists and be inspired by them.


In 2020, the Wom@rts project published the State of the Arts Report on women artists and professionals in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector in Europe. This report highlighted the existing gender gap in this area and pointed to lower wages, lower visibility and the difficulties for promoting women artists due to the existing glass walls and ceilings in the CCIs in Europe. The diagnosis determined that despite the European Union’s regulatory efforts, current statistics show that women are clearly underrepresented in the vast majority of ICC’s sectors.


With WOMarts.net, the project seeked to solve this situation and involve public and private agents in disseminating and promoting the artists’ profiles and creations. Registration is free and open to all artists who carry out their professional activity in Europe. Artist participants in the residencies and training workshops generated within the framework of the Wom@rts project have been involved.Platform will stay open for broather audience to join.