Auditorio de Galicia is a multiartform cultural entity based in Santiago de Compostela and aimed to develop and execute cultural programmes and activities in a diverse range of artistic fields, such as music, theatre, cinema, dance, performance, or contemporary art exhibitions. Closely related to the City Council of Santiago de Compostela, but with legal autonomy and an independent economic structure, Auditorio carries out the thrust of municipal cultural events of the city and it’s a renowned institution in the Spanish artistic arena.


Since its establishment in 1989, and for almost three decades, this institution has been fostering the visibility and dissemination of Galician culture, and promoting Santiago de Compostela on the international artistic circuit as an ideal place to visit, create, play, perform, exhibit and research. The entity boasts a treasure trove of archaeological heritage that includes the great building where is settled in, also named Auditorio de Galicia.


Home to the Real Filharmonía de Galicia since 1996, Auditorio has hosted great directors, eminent soloists and renowned orchestras and dance companies from all over the world. It’s also the headquarter of the Banda Municipal de Música de Santiago and develops yearly a well received musical programme for school-age children. Auditorio’s annual programming includes a huge variety of musical, theatre and dance series, two lauded film festivals, Cineuropa and Curtocircuito, and art exhibitions devoted to the consolidation of Galician artists and the spread of emerging creations.


During all these years, Auditorio created a large and live network of artists, agents, curators and institutions at both national and international scale, to reflect on the diversity of cultural expressions in contemporary society.