La Ronde


Meet the Masters
Dance workshop La Ronde
Angoulême, Grand font district, France
7/8th June and 14/15th June 2019

The cultural and social center CAJ Grand Font

The choreographer Jean Marc Matos and the artist Itzakun Inausti of the dancing company Kdnace from Toulouse, animated a series of 4 dance workshops on the thematic of the feminine movement.

The participants imagined 8 feminine movements then amplified and unstructured them to create a choreography.
Two of these workshops were open to everyone. 54 women came, including a baby, little girls and 2 grand mothers !
The 2 other workshops were reserved to experienced dancers including dancers from the Company Izumi, a company from the Grand Font district. 24 dancers came and developed a choregraphy

Thez played with “WomArts choregraphy” in July in Chili where they were invited by the President.

Two women artists (Nais Cop and Giorgia Maras) produced illustrations of these workshops.
The workshops ended with an inclusive and participative show of Kdanse Company.