Marko Pogačnik


Meet the Masters
What Happened to the Earth

Workshop and lecture with Marko Pogačnik
Academy of Applied Arts at the University in Rijeka, Croatia

Marko Pogačnik was born1944 in Kranj, Slovenia, graduated as sculptor on the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana 1967.

After 2005 he dedicates much of his work to creating Geopuncture Circles, a world wide lithopuncture project to enhance communication with theEarth consciousness that he crates together with his collaborators from given countries. Geopuncture Circles stand already in Portugal, Croatia, in Czech Republics, on Canarian Islands, in Austria, Slovenia, and USA. His books in English: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings (1996) Healing the Heart of the Earth (1998) Christ Power and the Earth Goddess (1999) Earth Changes, Human Destiny (2000) The Daughter of Gaia (2001), Turned Upside Down (2004), Touching the Breath of Gaia (2005), Sacred Geography (2007), Gaia’s Quantum Leap (2011)He teaches geomancy on the School for Geomancy “Hagia Chora” in Germany and France, runs courses on holistic ecology, geomancy and personal development in many countries worldwide, and provides counseling on the issues of urban development and landscape design.He is president of the VITAAA Association for the Coexistence between Human beings, Nature and Environment in Ljubljana and president of Cosmogea Association, Osoppo, Italy. His main themes are: multidimensionality of the landscape and urban ambiance, communication with different facets of nature, the rediscovery of the feminine principle, the present Earth changes and human transformation.

 Today he is a visiting teacher at Columbia University, New York, Teacher’s College, Spirit, Mind, and Body Institute. He is appointed as UNESCO Artist for Peace and a member of TRANS-4-M Global Wisdom Council.