Exhibition I̶n̶visible


Wom@rts partner The Communauté d’Agglomération du GrandAngoulême was planing to host Roaming exhibition at Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée ( International City of Comics) from November 2020 until January 2021.

During the exhibition they also wanted to organise 2 Meet the masters events, a dance workshop with Cléa Hourant and screening of animation films with round table.

Unfortunately organisation of live events in this period wasn’t possible due to coronavirus pandemic, that is why they used the opportunity:

–          to create a video teaser of the exhibition

–          to create video of dance workshop inside the exhibition with Clea Hourant

–          the organised virtual round table with women film directors

–          to show the animation movie of Claire Paoletti « l’Odyssée de Choum » to différent schools.

The exhibition was made accessible to few selected journalists and documentation team.

Local partner : The international city of comics
Scénography : l’Enfant Sauvage
Communication : Céline Chip
Artistic direction : Honka Tonk