UGM (SI) training program


Free Training for Creatives | Wom@rts


23.9. 2021 – 21.10. 2021

The aim of this training course was to support the young and medium generation of female creatives and give them access to practical and specific knowledge, the possibility to exchange their experiences and establish new professional connections. The programme was based on short lectures and practical exercises that were led by experts in selected areas. The training led by invited mentors encouraged the creatives in various phases of their careers to continue with their work or help them find a new direction. The participants learned about the various self-employment options, focus on the analysis, organisation and promotion of their work, compare their experiences and receive motivation and support.



In Module 1 (online) established creatives will share their work experience.

Led by: Polonca Lovšin 

Participating artists:  Vesna Bukovec, Mark Požlep, Toni Soprano Meneglejte, Alenka Pirman

In Module 2 (online) the young creatives  learned how to present their work (CV, artistic statement, application procedure). This module also incorporated the application to the international platform Wom@rts.

Led by: Urška Jurman and Vladimir Vidmar

In Module 3 (live, in the premises of the Maribor Art Gallery) the participants learned about legislative, administrative and accountancy procedures.

Led by: Marija Mojca Pungerčar 

Participating expert: accountant Barbara Krevh

In Module 4 (online) the participants  overviewed their portfolio and discuss artworks. 

Led by: Breda Kolar Sluga and Polonca Lovšin, together with invited curators 

In Module 5 (live, in the premises of the Maribor Art Gallery) the participants attended a printing workshop and held a one-day exhibition in UGM.

Led by: Mina Fina 

The concept of this training course emergeded within the project Wom@rts. The concept was adapted for the Slovene space by Breda Kolar Sluga and Polonca Lovšin.

*Women are coming is the title of the sculpture that the artist Duba Sambolec created in 1976, during her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. We decided to use this title to honour one of the first feminist artistic statements in the Slovene space.