Terms and conditions of Wom@rts’ Women in Art Quiz draw


Winner of the draw will receive a return travel and accommodation arrangement (including accommodation in 4* hotel, plane and/or train and/or bus fare) in the amount of 500€ to attend the Hay Festival Europa28 in Rijeka, Croatia (5-9 October 2020). If the winner is unable to travel to Rijeka, Croatia during the aforementioned dates, they can still make use of the winning prize until the end of the year 2020. The winner will not be able to collect the prize after 31 December 2020.

Travel and accommodation will be arranged with the winner of the quiz under best possible terms provided by the companies providing such services, depending on the home address of the winner and/or special needs of the winner.

Winner of the draw

Winner of the draw will be selected from among all applicants by 30 June 2020. All applicants will be entered in the random number generator provided by Google, each with an individual number. The resulting number will be used as the selection number for the winner. The draw will take place on 6 July 2020. The quiz will remain active on the Wom@rts website after the application deadline (30 June 2020), but participants will be unable to take part in the draw.

Participants without answers

Anyone can enter the draw, even without answering the questions. In order to become a participant without answering the questions, one should fill out this form.

Privacy and other rules that participants comply to

All participants who interact (comment and/or share) any of the questions in the social media posts agree to the following rules:

  • their basic social media profile data may be used in any screenshot for administrative reporting purpose of the project (screenshot created for providing proof of the project activity)

All participants may delete their comments or shares any time. For participating in the quiz, they only have to apply with their email address.

The winner of the quiz will be contacted to provide additional confirmation of personal data usage and will be invited to participate in various communication activities (i.e. interview on Wom@rts website or other media announcements).